Our Services


Analysis of your individual requirements for a mobile IT infrastructure

Procurement of Terminals

Procurement of hardware of any size


Personalized setup of your mobile devices including direct dispatch to your employees

Exchange Service

Fault acceptance and dispatch of a replacement device from the (customer) / terminal device pool

Guarantee Processing

Warranty processing of defected end devices

Repair Handling

Repair processing of defected end devices outside the warranty period

End of Life Service

Logistical processing of mobile device return and certified data removal


Marketing of old equipment

Mobile Device Management

Administration of mobile device management systems including procurement of the required licenses

"Actually" mobile devices should not fail. Nevertheless, damage or other impairments of use may occur time and again. Only then do you notice how much effort is required to restore the ability to work. Many tasks have to be coordinated. Sending defective hardware, reconfiguring replacement devices, activating a new SIM card, adjusting inventory data, shipping and other activities. All these incidents add up to enormous costs and an extremely high expenditure of time. Have you ever calculated this?

It is worth taking a closer look at an alternative: the exchange service of Hencke Systemberatung. We take back defective devices, control the repair and replacement process and ensure that the affected employees have a new, set up replacement device within 24 hours. Your employees cannot wait 24 hours for a replacement device because the failure of the end devices is process and business critical?

Then take a closer look at our SameDay Delivery Service ..

  • Immediately replacement device for you

  • Immediate claims handling

  • Service Portal for your employees

  • Integration into your asset management

  • Individual design

  • All-round service

  • Replacement unit within 24 hours

  • Delivery directly to your home

  • Securely sealed replacement boxes

  • Simple claims handling

  • Return note already in the exchange box

  • Complete documentation

In this context, individually configurable Managed Mobility Services offer attractive alternatives. Don't let commodity services block your day-to-day business. Outsource these processes precisely and flexibly and ensure the acceleration of your business processes.

They cover the entire life cycle of mobile devices and infrastructures - from procurement, implementation, configuration and operation to repair, exchange and certified data deletion within the rollback process.

With the continued growth of mobile communications, it is more important than ever to control the costs of national and international mobility infrastructure, to monitor and influence user behavior and to fully utilize booked data and volume packages! Read more about our Quick-Checker.

How individually you use these services, whether in part or as a whole:
You can rely on reliability and professionalism in every phase, as you can expect from Vodafone's top solution partner in Germany.